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  • KSh3,000.00

    30 Watt Alarm Security Siren

    30 Watt Alarm Security Siren

    • PREMIUM QUALITY – Premium Quality Siren without the Premium Price
    • EASY TO INSTALL – Compact Design. Bracket pivots to 90 degrees.
    • EXTRA LOUD – 30W, 120dB, Will wake up the dead!
    • DURABLE DESIGN – Weatherproof ABS plastic will last you for years and years.
  • 5 Pair Wired Door Window Sensor Recessed Magnetic Contacts Security Reed Switch Alarm For Home Security Alarm White Hot Sale


            PLS Notice About Normally Closed:
    The normally means state.The magnets usually near to each other, it is the normally state.
            And the closed = short circuit = creating a path for the current, magnet near together, the switch is closed.
    And the switch and magnet is separate, the switch is open.

  • KSh1,500.00

    6-Core Security Alarm Cable 100m

    6-Core Security Alarm Cable White 100m  cable is the standard cable for most burglar alarm installations. Alarm cable divided in to 3 pairs, 12v power, zone and tamper.  6-Core cable  is sufficient for most detectors found in a standard burglar alarm system.

  • KSh1,800.00

    7AH battery rechargeable

    7AH capacity would give a run time of 21 hours while in sleep mode. With the proper sensor to supply the critical operating information, the machine operates in a safer condition for both the machine as well as the personnel operating the machine.

    The ultra light battery offers increased run time, shorter charging cycles and longer battery life that traditional lead acid batteries.

  • Aluminum Shutter Magnetic Contact Sensor, Model/Type: Smcs

    Model/Type SMCS
    Material Aluminum
    Rated Load 800mA(12VDC)
    Brand TrueSafe
    Packaging Type Box
    Operating Distance Min 35mm Max 90mm
  • KSh1,800.00

    Crow Swan Quad Motion sensor

    The Crow Swan Quad motion sensor reports an intrusion into a guarded room, detects movement at a distance of up to 18 meters. It is mounted on the wall opposite the doors and other places of the likely penetration of intruders. Does not respond to cats and dogs weighing up to 25 kilograms. Power supply 8.2 … 16 V from the control panel. White colour.

  • KSh500.00

    Door magnetic sensors (Plastic light duty)

    ➤➤Product Name: Magnetic Door Swith; Maximum Switch Voltage: 100V;Contact Capacity: 500(mA) (Maximum Switch Current);Rated Power: 10W(Maximum Switch Power); Contact Type: NC/NO/COM,Trigger Range: 5-20mm; ➤➤Great for alarm,LED,Relay,GPS low voltage devices…etc.,Great for pick-ups with sliding rear window.Effective for Theft Deterrence. ➤➤Magnetic Contact sensors can be added to an existing wired Alarm Systems. They are ideal for protecting […]

  • KSh500.00

    Fixed Panic Buttons alarm with Key

    Fixed Panic Buttons alarm

  • Generic Aluminium Heavy duty metal door magnetic contacts reed switch

    The best price of Generic Aluminium Heavy duty metal door magnetic contacts reed switch

    • Available payment methods are Cash on DeliveryCredit Card
    • Delivery fees are 150-32000 KSh, with delivery expected within 1-11 day(s)
    • The first appearance of this product was on Apr 13, 2019