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  • KSh24.00

    Bobbin Flat Bar Insulator Plastic Black

    The flat bar insulator is used with the flat bar profile posts.

    The flat bar insulators have the following features:
    • quick fit clips on the top and bottom for faster installation
    • feed through clip option built in
    • easy to change and maintain

    They are available in black, white or beige


    UV stabilised for external use.
    Virgin materials are used in their manufacture which are designed for a long life.

  • KSh45.00

    Bobbin Reel Insulator, Porcelain Off White

    bobbin insulators are used with the offset brackets. It is suitable for fence wire diameters up to 3.0 mm and a working load of 150 kgs. It is ideal in areas where fires can occur. These insulators are made of porcelain and can withstand high temperatures for a prolonged period of time.
    • Porcelain for external use
    • Fire proof
    • Colours: white
    • Working max load: 150 kgs

  • KSh32.00

    Compression Spring Insulator Small Black

    Compression spring standard is used to maintain a constant tension on the electric fence wires. Wire tension on an electric fence will vary over time and the springs will maintain a constant force on the electric fence wires to keep them neat.

    • A nylon plastic inner which eliminates galvanic reaction between dissimilar metal thus reducing rust and increasing the life of the wire
    • Can be used with any type of Nemtek electric fence wire
    • Standard tension (silver) spring which can tension 1.2 mm wires


    Material: Stainless steel spring and UV stabilised nylon inner.
    Colour: White and black
    Spring tension maximum: 5kg
    Operating temperature: -40 to 80 Celsius
    Operating voltage: 0- 12KV
    Recycling: SPI resin code 7

  • KSh8.00

    electric fence post Insulator

    Fastening your wire to posts without loosing energy.
    Suitable for free-standing, wood post or walltop fencing.

  • KSh10.00

    End Strain Insulator

    • Strain insulators are used at the beginning or at the end of an electric fence wire run. The strain insulator is suitable for fence wire diameters up to 2.0 mm and a working load of 30 kgs.
    • Only virgin materials are used in their manufacture which are designed for a long life. They allow for larger creepage distance to reduce power loss

  • KSh400.00

    lnsupipe – 4m-16.9mm PVC White

    4m-16.9mm PVC White

  • KSh35.00

    Screw On Insulator Black

    These Black Screw On Insulators are made with highly durable polyethylene plastic with a metal screw which is designed to be screwed into the side of a wooden post. They are quite simple to use simply screw the insulators into a wooden post and hang your electric wire, rope or tape through the insulator to create an effective fence that won’t arc.

    Features of the Screw On Insulators

    ·        Come in packs of 100

    ·        Made from highly durable Polyethylene plastic

    ·        Strong metal screw

    ·        Simple in design and easy to use