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  • KSh1,800.00

    Crow Swan Quad Motion sensor

    The Crow Swan Quad motion sensor reports an intrusion into a guarded room, detects movement at a distance of up to 18 meters. It is mounted on the wall opposite the doors and other places of the likely penetration of intruders. Does not respond to cats and dogs weighing up to 25 kilograms. Power supply 8.2 … 16 V from the control panel. White colour.

  • KSh1,100.00

    Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor

    Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor

    Risco CoMET PIR Motion sensor, provides a reliable and cost-effective solution based on PIR technology.

    The CoMET detector is compact and attractively designed to meet the needs of residential installations.

    comet motion sensor is programmed to withstand all possible interference which are inherent in a residential environment, yet provides excellent performance in intruder detection.

    Comet Pir Motion Detector features;

    • Temperature compensation
    • RF immunity – 20V/m
    • Easy installation
    • Selectable pulse count (1, 2, 3)
    • White light protection
    • LED optical prism
    • Compact design for cost effective residential installations
  • KSh1,800.00

    Risco ZoDIAC Pro PIR Motion Sensor 40 Feet 12M

    The new ZoDIAC DT dual technology (microwave and PIR) detectors provide superior catch performance with excellent immunity to false alarms.
    • Make: RISCO Group
    • Model code: ZoDIAC DT
    • PIR Detectors: Yes
    • Dual/ Quad Technology: Dual Technology Detectors
    • Infra Red Beams: Yes