LightSYS 8 Zone Expander


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Risco 8 Zone Input Expander

Risco 8 Zone Input Expander model RP432EZ8, enables the expansion of the number of wired zones. Up to 3 expanders can be added to LightSYS™, up to 5 expanders to LightSYS™2 and up to 35 expanders to ProSYS™ Plus.




8 Hardwired zone input
• Maximum 3 x CP179 hard wired expanders per panel
• Current consumption: 13.8VDC +/-10%, 25 mA typical/30 mA max
• 4-Wire Bus connection, up to 300 meters from main panel
• Additional auxiliary power output
• Tamper zone input

 8 Zone Input Expander

RISCO BUS technology saves you time and money and increases installation flexibility, while auto-install and bus test simplify installation and maintenance.
Programming via the PC Configuration Software and the LightSYS keypad is enhanced due to an adaptive menu tree where only the relevant options are displayed according to the installed accessories and installer/user authority level.
Dimensions of the Panel are 288mm x 254mm x 90mm, ensuring space for PCB, Power Supply, Battery, IP and GSM/GPRS modules (Wireless Receiver, Voice module, Zone Expanders, Output Expanders).