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  • KSh4,200.00

    6Litres Foam Fire Extinguisher

    General Features

    • Pre checked and ready for mounting
    • Light weight aluminium
    • Eco-Foam, which has a reduced impact on the environment.
    • Safety pin to reduce inadvertent discharge
    • Pressure gauge to indicate internal pressure
  • KSh5,000.00

    9 Litres Foam Fire Extinguisher


    These extinguishers have all the same efficient fire-fighting properties for flammable liquids as the stored pressure models bus as cartridge operated units. These are ideal for marine use.

    • BS EN3 kitemarked.
    • Spray nozzle.
    • Squeeze grip operation.
    • Corrosion resistant finish.
    • Internal polyethelyne lining.
    • Protective plastic base.
    • Complete with bracket.
    • Branchpipe model is also suitable for alcohol risks.
    • Both spray extinguishers have passed the 35kv conductivity test.
    • Safe to use in close proximity to electrical equipment.