9Kg Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


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9Kg AUTOMATIC Dry powder fire extinguisher

Designed for fixed automatic protection. Suitable for Class A, B, C fire risks and electrical fires.

The 9kg automatic extinguisher will protect an area up to 20 cubic metres.

This Automatic Extinguisher can be used for the following applications: trucks, small boats, large boats, motor sports and engine/plant rooms.



9Kg AUTOMATIC Dry powder fire extinguisher

These automatic powder fire extinguishers are designed for installation in larger areas where an increased discharge range is required. When the temperature reaches 68°C the extinguisher unit automatically discharges, releasing the powder agent and smothering the fire. The units are ideal for applications such as engine compartments, engine rooms and storage areas.

  • Extinguisher fixing bracket supplied with the unit
  • Stored pressure fire extinguisher
  • CE marked
  • Easy to read pressure gauge for easy maintenance
  • Effective on class A, B and C fires
  • Powder extinguisher agent is effective and safe to use on electrical fires
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty