OEMTOOLS 24549 Automotive Bearing 2 Magnetic Contact Points, Made of Steel

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  • ESSENTIAL U JOINT TOOL: Installing bearing cups on U joints no longer requires a socket and vice grips; Easily install 2 bearing cups at a time without damaging the bearing or drive shaft; Magnets keep the bearing cups in place during installation
  • CONSTRUCTED FOR DURABILITY: The steel bearing clamp and pressure bolt are made to withstand the pressure needed to install your cup bearings; Lubricate the pressure bolt with anti-seizing compound for optimized bearing clamp performance
  • MAGNETIC CONTACT POINTS: Install light and medium duty U joint bearing cups without occupying your hands; Tighten the bearing cap installer’s pressure bolt down with a 1/2” drive impact wrench or smaller, easily and efficiently
  • TIME SAVING U JOINT INSTALLER: Eliminate wasted time with makeshift methods of installing your bearing cups with our bearing cup tool; Easy-to-use and durable, our bearing cap installer will get you through multiple bearing cups quickly and without hassle
  • DRIVE SHAFT MAINTENACE: Couple this bearing cup installer with an OEMTOOLS U joint remover and you’ll have all that you need for your U joint maintenance needs; Don’t be without a quality way to install your U joint’s bearing cup